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Andrew Veluz Resurreccion is internationally known for his passion and love for the creative arts. He is somewhat of a renaissance man, as his talents expand from producing/directing/choreographing films, tv shows, commercials, video clips, fashion shows, tours, musicals, and dance events to screenwriting, film/music editing, to running his own dance/acting school. 


Originally from Fort Washington Maryland, where he began dancing in his youth, never would've imagined that his love for the arts would take him through an experience around the world. After high school Andrew decided to attend school at San Diego State University. During his studies, he was asked to audition for the NIKE sponsored dance company, Culture Shock, which after a year he was promoted to Artistic Director. Following his year as director, he was asked to choreograph for the Sony Music recording artist, Viola Tami in Zürich Switzerland.


While in Europe, his dance career entailed directing a dance company (Culture Shock Switzerland), tour/dance with artists (DJBobo/Natalia Kills/Evely7n), appear on tv shows (World Music Awards, Credit Suisse Sports Award, World Ski Championships), produce events/musicals (Dance2dance/Danceoff/DanceMe), fashion shows (Miss Ed Hardy/Adidas/Beldona), teaching workshops in various countries (England, Spain, Switzerland, and Germany), and opening his own dance school (American School of Dance).


With all his accomplishments in dance. Andrew felt there was more, so he decided to set out on a new journey and enrol at the NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY. A few months later he won awards at the CALIFORNIA FILM AWARDS FESTIVAL 2010 for his short film "My Dream" and at the LOS ANGELS FILM & SCRIPT FESTIVAL 2010 for his screenplay "Natalia". In 2012, his film Dance Off "The Movie" was released in which he recieved 4 out of 5 stars.


Andrew Veluz Resurreccion is continuing his love and passion for the arts, and if he hasn't already, hopes to one day share it with you. 

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